2024 Show Schedule

Mar 2-3


Raleigh Winter Dressage

May 11-12


Raleigh Spring Dressage

Jul 27-28


Raleigh Summer Dressage I & II

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August 28, 2023 Update

Rosinburg Events has been sold to HorseShowOffice.com

Janine Malone, owner of Rosinburg Events, LLC announces the sale of Rosinburg Events to HorseShowOffice.com, owned and operated by Kevin Bradbury. Rosinburg Events, LLC currently operates four USEF licensed/USDF recognized Dressage Competitions at the Hunt Horse Complex in Raleigh, NC held in the months of March, May and July. HorseShowOffice.com will operate these competitions starting in 2024.


HorseShowOffice.com is planning to continue to offer both dressage and dressage sport horse breeding classes at the May and July shows. The March show will continue to be a USEF Level 3 competition with qualifying classes for national and FEI championships.


HorseShowOffice.com currently operates shows in Michigan and some other states. Bradbury developed the popular Horse Show Office™ dressage show software, currently used by hundreds of competitions in the US. This program uses the HorseShowOffice.com entry software that has been used for Rosinburg Events shows since the company’s inception in 2010. HorseShowOffice.com is also well known for its paperless judging program and real-time electronic displays of tests in progress, final scores and placings. This system has been used at the US Dressage Finals since the show’s inception


Malone plans to continue to officiate competitions and will remain involved in shows in the area. She is very pleased that the Rosinburg Events shows will continue under competent and experienced management and that the benefits of paperless scoring will be more widely available to competitors in the area

The HIGH SCORE award winners for Raleigh Summer Dressage are posted on the Results page (link on top left).


Congratulations to all the winners and thanks to everyone for showing with us this year!

All 2023 show programs are posted below. 

Thanks to our sponsors!

Raleigh Summer Dressage I&II Show Program

Raleigh Spring Dressage Show Program

Raleigh Winter Dressage Show Program

Go to"Competitors" page and "Calendar/Show Names" page on the left for more competitor information on schedule, stabling, show details


 To be eligible to compete at Federation Licensed Competitions, coaches, trainers, and legal guardians signing as coaches or trainers on behalf of their minors must be Senior Active Members in good standing, Riders and owners are eligible for one (and ONLY one) Show Pass per year. Trainers and coaches are no longer eligible to participate under a Show Pass.

·   ONLY online entries will be accepted using www.horseshowoffice.com. ALL entry documentation, including all signature forms, waivers, and other documentation MUST be submitted via the HSO email link or email directly to Entry Secretary by Closing Date of the show. Paper entry forms and other documents will not be accepted either before or during the show. Your entry will be placed on a wait list until complete paperwork is received.

Show Services

·   Professional NIGHTWATCH and BRAIDING services will be provided at Raleigh Winter by Steve Hutzler at shutzlerwatch@gmail.com , at Raleigh Spring by Kat Parkinson -ontact her at (336) 432-1234 or pnwandb@hotmail.com , and att Raleigh Summer by Emily Logan spotsatx@yahoo.com .

·   Professional PHOTOGRAPHY and VIDEO services will be provided at all shows by High Time Photography, (John and Christie Snyder) at 336-671-4446 or hightimephotography@gmail.com; You will be able to view photos after the shows at their website: www.hightimephotos.com.

• Professional DSHB HANDLER for Raleigh Spring and Raleigh Summer Dressage I & II.  Bruce Griffin III.  Contact him at 484-877-3970·   


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