2021 Show Schedule

Mar 6-7


Raleigh Winter Dressage

May 22-23


Lexington Spring Dressage

Jun 19-20


Virginia Summer Dressage

Jul 31-Aug 1


Raleigh Summer Dressage I & II

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2022 Show Schedule

Mar 5-6


Raleigh Winter Dressage

May 14-15


Raleigh Spring Dressage

Jul 30-Jul 31


Raleigh Summer Dressage I & II

September 8, 2021 Update

    2020-2021 Rosinburg Events Series Awards are posted HERE

Congratulations to all the winners!


2021 Raleigh Winter Dressage Show Program

2021 Lexington Spring Dressage Show Program

2021 Virginia Summer Dressage Show Program

2021 Raleigh Summer Dressage Show Program


More information on the 2022 Series will be posted here in late 2021/early 2022.

Thanks for your support of our shows!

·   Please be reminded that the USEF-required waiver must be signed and submitted by every rider, handler, assistant handler, owner/agent, trainer and coach on the grounds. This waiver is also required to be signed and submitted by all staff, volunteers and officials, vendors, support staff and service personnel. NO EXCEPTIONS. The form can be electronically signed and submitted with entries, or can be signed, scanned or photographed and sent via email to the entry secretary (Dianne Boyd). Dianne’s email address is listed in the prize list. The waiver can be found by clicking the show name listed above, or by clicking on this link http://www.rosinburg-events.com/documents/2021entry.pdf 

·  ONLY online entries will be accepted using www.horseshowoffice.com. ALL entry documentation, including all signature forms, waivers, and other documentation MUST be submitted via the HSO email link or email directly to Entry Secretary by Closing Date of the show. Paper entry forms and other documents will not be accepted either before or during the show. Your entry will be placed on a wait list until complete paperwork is received.


·   Due to USEF rule changes, we are now allowed to offer more Opportunity classes. RE shows will offer THREE Opportunity classes at each level from Intro-Second levels, plus a Dressage Seat Equitation Opportunity class. Remember there no USEF/USDF memberships, non-member fees or Horse ID required for Intro or Opportunity Classes. Opportunity classes also exempt from $23 USEF fee.

·   In accordance with USEF Covid-19 recommendations, we will reduce the use of paper for all 2021 shows. We will print a limited number of paper programs but a pdf of each show program will be posted in this section of the website for each show.

 Show Services

·   Professional NIGHTWATCH and BRAIDING services will be provided at all shows by Kat Parkinson. Contact her at (336) 432-1234 or pnwandb@hotmail.com.

·   Professional PHOTOGRAPHY and VIDEO services will be provided at all shows by High Time Photography, (John and Christie Snyder) at 336-671-4446 or hightimephotography@gmail.com; You will be able to view photos after the shows at their website: www.hightimephotos.com.


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