2022 Show Schedule

Mar 5-6


Raleigh Winter Dressage

May 14-15


Raleigh Spring Dressage

Jul 30-Jul 31


Raleigh Summer Dressage I & II

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January 8, 2022 Update

    The prize list for Raleigh Winter Dressage on March 5-6 is posted under the "Calendar/Show Name/Prize Lists" box to the left.

Entries open on January 15.

Show rings and limited warmup indoors and  under cover for Raleigh Winter.

Prize lists for Raleigh Spring and Raleigh Summer I&II will be posted in February and March.

· ONLY online entries will be accepted using www.horseshowoffice.com. ALL entry documentation, including all signature forms, waivers, and other documentation MUST be submitted via the HSO email link or email directly to Entry Secretary by Closing Date of the show. Paper entry forms and other documents will not be accepted either before or during the show. Your entry will be placed on a wait list until complete paperwork is received.

•  If you are interested in sponsoring the 2022 series or any one of the shows, please contact Janine Malone at jemrph@aol.com early in the year.



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2021 Lexington Spring Dressage Show Program

2021 Virginia Summer Dressage Show Program

2021 Raleigh Summer Dressage Show Program





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