2020 Show Schedule

Apr 11-12


Raleigh Spring Dressage

May 16-17


Lexington Spring Dressage

Jun 13-14


Virginia Summer Dressage

Jul 25-26


Raleigh Summer Dressage I & II

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2021 Show Schedule

Mar 6-7


Raleigh Winter Dressage

May 22-23


Lexington Spring Dressage

Jun 19-20


Virginia Summer Dressage

Jul 31-Aug 1


Raleigh Summer Dressage I & II

2020-2021 Update (8/25/20)

Looking Back and Looking Forward

·   Click on the link to the left for results and High Score winners for Raleigh Summer Dressage I & II or go to this link http://www.rosinburg-events.com/results.asp .  Congratulations to all the winners!

·   There will be no 2020 Series High Score awards since all shows but RSD I & II were cancelled. The 2020 RSD shows will be combined with the 2021 show results to award combined series awards for 2020-2021.

·   Thanks to our volunteers and staff for the Raleigh shows. They made it work smoothly, despite the changes required to comply with USEF and North Carolina Covid requirements.

·   Our competitors also deserve special recognition. Most were very compliant with the Covid “face covering” requirements and one group deserves special recognition: the large group of riders from Fellowship Farm and trainer Tami Batts were awesome. Many of her riders were very young and new to licensed dressage shows. They were 100% compliant to the face covering and social distancing requirements from the time of arrival throughout the show. From the youngest child to the oldest parent, they provided the best example for everyone. Thanks Tami and Fellowship Farm!!

·   Many thanks to the sponsors who continued to support our 2020 RSD shows. The shows were small due to Covid but also due to the large - and growing - number of shows in North Carolina during the summer. Most states with a similar number of dressage competitors have fewer shows. We are lucky in NC to have a lot of good facilities but expect some shows to get smaller in the future with fewer special amenities for competitors.


Which brings us to 2021…

·   We no longer have the April date available at the Hunt Horse Complex for Raleigh Spring Dressage. However, the entire facility is available on March 6-7… so we will hold a NEW (mostly indoor) show to start the season in North Carolina. It will be named RALEIGH WINTER DRESSAGE. Most classes will be held in the (heated) indoor. The dressage ring will be offset to allow limited warmup adjacent to the indoor competition ring. The covered ring will be  have an arena set up for some classes in case it is needed. The rings on the “west” side of the facility will only be used if the forecast is good. Entries for this show will be very limited but we believe that, if other “outdoor” shows can be held on this same weekend (i.e., Eventing at the CHP), we should be able to hold a mostly indoor dressage show.

·   More good news: USEF rules for 2021 will allow us to offer more OPPORTUNITY classes at more levels. No USDF or USEF membership fees! So... many schooling show competitors will hopefully compete in licensed competitions. Check out the prize lists and stay tuned for more information on the 2021 shows…

·   Thanks for your continued support and don’t hesitate to contact us if you have questions on the shows.

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